I'm Beshr Kayali, a software engineer living in Stockholm, Sweden and currently working as a system developer at Ericsson. I dabble in different areas, mostly technical like programming languages, electronics, gaming/game development, but some non-technical stuff as well, like philosophy, science-fiction, music, film, or leathercraft when time permits.

Beshr Kayali


If you'd like to see some of my public work, check out my Github. I'm also keeping a list of TILs/Logs on log.beshr.com (mostly programming related, but occasionally other stuff.)


معلومات بالعربي.


  • Best way to reach me is via email at: me at beshr.com.
  • You can follow me on my microblog on @beshr@m.beshr.com. This microblog is ActivityPub-based, so you can follow me from any Mastodon instance for example.
  • I maintain an infrequent presence on Twitter
  • I'm also on Libera as beshr.


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