Recent or Alive

  • Gifbook: Create sequenced Gifs from video clips and subtitle files.
  • Sawt: Arab Indie Music Discovery Utility. More here and here.
  • HyperStage: Arabic podcasts network, cofounded in 2009 with @mskayyali. Rocks 2 or more episodes a week.


  • SCAmp: SoundCloud Playlist Manager, built with AngularJS.  
  • RTSat: Realtime Tweets Sentiment Analysis Tool. Check it out in action here.
  • DepriveMe: A Pebble app that prevents you from falling asleep. 
  • Flask Shortner: A simple URL Shortner built with Flask, SQLAlchemy, PostgresSQL, PureCSS, and some other fabulous goods found on the internets.
  • PresentationTimetable.js: Sync SpeakerDeck presentations with YouTube videos.
  • Save the Pixels: An adventure to save your screen!
  • P: A simple game made for Ludum Dare #26, using Lua and LÖVE.
  • B: A Trendy, Clean and Responsive theme for Hyde.
  • Anunnaki: A new way to do bookmarking on the web. Project is dead. Read more about it here, or watch a demo video.
  • BackuPod: first-gen iPod music library/settings backup, restore and duplication utility, built with PyGTK. Project is dead. (source code moved to github)
  • Codic: Small and lightweight offline dictionary built with PyGTK.