I've been using Hyde to run my website and blog for almost a year now. I switched to it mainly because I didn't want the hassle of having to maintain yet another site, make sure it's running, or worry about the resources its taking. Hyde is a static website generator and therefore, as far the server (nginx) is concerned, it's just serving HTML pages, it's very cheap.

I haven't been blogging or writing much as well, mostly because I didn't have time as I was moving countries, looking for a new job, doing a program at Lund university, while still trying to make my projects work, but recently I thought that maybe I should get back to writing more. That's when I realized that Hyde is not really suitable for a streamlined writing process. I wrote a little theme for Hyde and my website and a little fabric script to push new content but it still didn't make a difference, it was too much of a hassle to go through all of the necessary steps everytime I wanted to publish, edit or remove something. It wasn't worth it.

I've been checking out Ghost since it came out, it's pretty cool! The community is pretty big and there's already a ton of people using it. What I like mostly about it is that -unlike other engines/platforms- it's free and it's open-source. I want to be able to run my website from my own server, this is why Ghost is pretty much the best modern blogging platform in my opinion.

Setup wasn't that difficult as well. I'm running Ghost on my Linode server and the setup/installation process was pretty straight forward. Initially, I wanted to switch B-Theme to Ghost, but then I realzied that it's not really necessary because many great themes already exist. It came down to one of two choices, Ghostwriter (the one I'm using right now) and Rolls Royce by Royce Haynes.

I'll try to write a guide on how to install Ghost on Linode, and another one on how to design a theme for it.